Week 8: Filesystems and Data Storage


  • Distributed FileSystems
  • (Dynamo,Haystack,BigTable)
  • NoSQL
  • Azure Blob Storage (involve azure developer with a guest lecture)


Workshop: Master Functionality

Intention: Teach how to use the distributed filesystems in Azure, and make the student think about the requirements of the framework. Developed the base code for the Master implementation. Create the handlers, interfaces and scoreboard required for the Master.


  • Design the base interface and functionalities for Map Reduce DFS (Distributed File System)  for moving and copying data, between the map and reduce phase, and to the final result.
  • Implement the function that is going to shard the data and distributed among the M available resources.


Using Azure Blob storage and HDInsight implement the required interface and functionalities for the MapReduce Runtime.

The system should be able to:

  • Distribute and give access to the input files to the mappers.
  • Distribute the <key,value> pairs to the corresponding reducer

Using the functionality implemented in the previous week, distribute the data from the master to the workers. Additionally test sending the temporal data between the two workers, similar to what is going to be done between the map and the reduce phase.


Additionally, you should measure the difference between having the information locally and accessing the information through the Azure blob interface using C++


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